Learning and teaching self-hypnosis – for advanced beginners and beginning advanced therapists, counselers and coaches

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Brian Alman

Do 09.30 - So 18 Uhr

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  Bernhard Trenkle

In den letzten 30 Jahren haben wir schon mindestens 4 x vor großen Gruppen in Rottweil unterrichtet. Dieses Mal online. Wegen 9 Std. Zeituntersschied San Diego/Rottweil wird Bernhard Trenkle vormittags von 9.30-14.30 und Brian Alman von 16-20 Uhr unterrichten.

Bernhard Trenkle Unterrichtsthemen:

1. Tag
Selbsthypnosetraining mit Löwengeschichte, Varianten der Löwengeschichte, Neue Variante der Löwengeschichte, die nicht im Buch enthalten ist und die das Maßschneidern der Geschichte sehr erleichtert, Inkorporationstechnik, Löwengeschichte für verschiedene Probleme und Symptome,

2. Tag
Die chinesische Truhe. Originalversion und fortentwickelte Versionen mit Kombinationen mit EMDR, EMI, Brainspotting. Dialogische und monologische Form.  Die chinesische Truhe kombiniert mit Löwengeschichte.  

3. Tag
Selbsthypnose für Ängste, Phobie und Panik.
Selbstbehandlungsansatz mit Anker- und Musterunterbrechungstechniken

4. Tag
Eigene Erfahrungen mit Selbsthypnose bei Zähneziehen, verschiedenen Operationen mit Selbsthypnose statt Spritze oder Narkose aber auch nach einem Schlaganfall vor 18 Monaten mit halbseitiger Lähmung.
20+ verschiedene Schmerzkontrolltechniken.
Überblick über Selbsthypnose bei Allergien, Tinnitus, Geburtsvorbereitung, Krebs, Reha nach Schlaganfall, Bluthochdruck

Brian Alman hat vor ca. 40 Jahren einen Weltbestseller zum Thema Selbsthypnose geschrieben. 200.000 Auflage in USA, 50.000 auf Deutsch, übersetzt in mindestens 10 Sprachen inkl. Chinesisch.
Er wird umfassend zu allen Aspekten von Selbsthypnose referieren, wie er selbst über seine Schmerzen und Handicaps dazu kam und wie er diese Ansätze seither konsequent fortentwickelt hat. Als alleinerziehender Vater von 4 Kindern plus Enkelkinder hat er zudem große Erfahrung mit Selbsthypnose für Kinder.

Hier ein Ausschnitt aus einem Interview vor vielen Jahren.:

I was born missing part of my back; L-4 and part of L-5. I had chronic pain as a kid and it continued through my teens. It was very tough for a kid to be in so much pain.
It was physically limiting, emotionally upsetting and socially stressful. Like most kids with physical problems, I got taken to doctors by my parent. The help I received was very limited; medications, recommendations for limiting physical activities, live with it, a body cast for 6 months, and none of it helped much at all.  When I was almost 21, (1974) , I was scheduled for back surgery. This was a last resort. A friend at school suggested I try medical hypnosis and mind-body healing. At first I thought that was ridiculous because it was a problem I was born with, got worse, the nerves were being pinched and the pain was caused by real, physical problems.

But I thought, why not? I went to see a psychiatrist who with a Freudian  look and accent, used hypnosis with me. I drifted off into a daydream state and when the session was over, I felt about 25% less pain than when we started. I was pleasantly surprised. I went in for 4 sessions all together and the 25% less pain continued. I felt better than expected and it helped more than anything else over all those years.
I went back to see my doctor (orthopedic surgeon) and told him about my improvements. I asked him to delay the surgery and possibly even be able to cancel it. He was shocked. He told me medical hypnosis, mind-body healing and anything else I tried out of the traditional medical field was a sham and bound to make me worse. He confronted me with either, do the surgery now or be much worse off for the rest of my life. He mentioned paralyzed, stuck in a wheelchair, and not being able to walk again.

I was shocked. I thought he would be pleased about me feeling less pain.

That day; that fateful day, I decided I would learn everything I  could about medical hypnosis, mind-body healing, self-hypnosis, mind over matter, self-help and everything else that could help me control and lessen the pain.

I'm still on that journey...decades later.

I started reading everything I could and one person's stories and writings fascinated me the most; Dr. Milton Erickson.

I wrote to him, told him how I got interested in the field, and if he'd be willing train me. He kindly wrote back telling me that  if I had or was earning an M.D. or Ph.D. degree, he would. I foolishly wrote back that I just wanted to learn how to help myself and help others help themselves. He kindly wrote back again telling me that if I had or was earning an M.D. or Ph.D. degree, he would.

Soon, (1975), I was moving from Boston, Massachusetts to San Diego, California, to study and get my Ph.D. in clinical psychology. Simultaneously, I took a lot of trips to Phoenix, Arizona to learn from Milton Erickson.

Ok- so Brian Alman will teach about many aspects of self-hypnosis Pain control, trauma, anxieties, peak performances as athlet or business person, etc. Some of the key words in his emails about his presentation Self-hypnosis training:
Never give up on yourself or anything great!  Self-hypnosis will help.  Everyone has an inner true sage, inner healer, inner doctor, masterpiece, and true authentic self that is filled with wisdom, creativity, intuition and love!  Watch & reach within when you are in this workshop with us.  
*** *** Fundamentals (Review and Demonstrations) Awareness ,Acceptance, Letting Go, Getting Beyond Old Patterns
Listening to Your Own Intuition, Inner Voice/Wisdom/Guide/Joy/Visualization
Utilization: Present-Future
Special Attention is given to Listening; body, intelligence, heart and intuition

There will be the possibility for working online with Brian Alman and also to ask questions about special topics of interest.

Mehr Infos zu den Referenten via: www.whoishwho.com

Do 09.30-13.30 (B. Trenkle) 16-20 (B. Alman)
Fr 09.30-13.30 (B. Trenkle) 16-20 (B. Alman)
Sa 09.30-13.30 (B. Trenkle) 16-20 (B. Alman)
So 09.30-13.30 (B. Trenkle) 16-18 (B. Alman & Bernhard Trenkle)

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